Animation articles
games and animation archive

A deeper look into the video games, computer games, and animated features that've shaped the lives of people who are not able to shape their lives around girls.  This archive includes articles on Scooby-Doo, Sailor Moon, the greatest NES games of all-time, tributes to the best in voice acting, and more.

Location, Locations!!
on location archive

We actually leave the house sometimes, so when we do we bring little notebooks to jot everything down in.  If you're ever sleeping with a guy and he whips out a composition book to write about how your butt looks like Rikishi Phatu, it's probably one of us.  Go ahead and dump him though, you hussy.  And lose some weight.   This archive includes the Disneyland Death Tour, Entertainment Smorgasbords, and more.

Movies are our game
movies archive

We might be movie buffs, but we don't wear top hats that say "buff" across them.  This archive features our thoughts on the best and worst of today and yesterday, including the ongoing "When Movies Go Bad" series, Paul's Directors Cuts series, and the infamous Calvin and Hobbes/Fight Club comparison.

You watch it, we watch it. We write about it.
television archive

Show me that smile again...don't waste another minute on your cryin!  Waste your minutes in the TV archive, going over Dave's Dawson's Creek episode reviews, unnecessary research on the TGIF shows, a few pictures of Joey Lawrence, and more peanut butter fingering jokes than even the Real World can contain.

Hot chocolate for the musical souls
music archive

Don't quite hate us enough yet?  Venture into the music archive, where our thoughts on bands like Creed, Uncle Kracker, Mariah Carey, N*SYNC, Jewel, Nelly, or Britney Spears will have you foaming at the mouth, until your next favorite crappy music video comes on and you fall back into blissful ignorance.  PS WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER TOO!!!!!11 OMFG ROFLMAO~!!!!11!

All about the privileged
celebrity archive

When a single genre can't hold the topic, celebrities themselves become the topic.   The celebrity archive features all of Whatever-Dude's celebrity interviews, stories about monkeys and puberty, the Nude Scene Extravaganzas, and Our Tribute to an Underappreciated Star of the 80s.  You won't find a better tribute to an underappreciated star of the 80s.

rocky dennis week

Come revisit your favorite Rocky Dennis moments with this barrage of Gar obsessed literature. The definitive guide to cinematic ugliness and teenage map-tacking. In fact, we're arrogant enough to call it!

Superhero Week and a Half!

Chock full of superhero analysis and geeky musings, if you like that sort of thing. And who's really going to confess?


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