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Can you say "homosexual undertones"?

Fantasia:  DVD Review 2 THE XTREME!!!!!11
Mickey Mouse's magical misery tour. Not a gay NES game.
Written by B on 2/12/01

Noozles Nostalgia Done Right: The Noozles
Get ready to remember the best show you forgot you've ever seen.
Written by B on 2/16/01
Comic Strip Come and Take a Trip on the Comic Strip
Street Frogs, Mini-Monsters, Tigersharks, and Karate Kat. Pick your poison.
Written by B on 2/28/01
Gizames 4 u!!11 Out of This World
Nothing but Praise for a Neglected Pioneer of the New Video Game Order
Written by Mel. on 3/13/01
Scooby Dooby Doo A Disease Named Scooby-Doo
Casey Kasem's 'bout to send out a long distance dedication to Freddie Prinze, Sr...A LONG DISTANCE DEDICATION OF PAIN!!!11
Written by B on 3/17/01
Giz-ames!! The Mighty Aerobiz
What the hell is there to love about a business simulation on a defunct video game system? Everything.
Written by Mel. on 4/03/01
Hi-yah!! You are a Champion of Karate: Karate Champ
What hurts more, getting spin kicked in the nuts or getting gored by a bull? Karate Champ decides.
Written by B on 4/18/01
The drugs don't work The Turning Point in the War on Drugs: NARC
Winners don't use drugs! They blow up junkies with rocket launchers.
Written by B on 4/20/01
Animated madness My Generation's Timeless Classics: Kid Icarus
From the Grim Reaper to vegetable wizards, everybody fears the angel with the speech problem.
Written by B on 5/14/01
Illusion of Gaia and my Cousin David
Sometimes even the least important video game seems like the most wonderful thing in the world.
Written by B on 6/01/01

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Our undying love goes out to those tentacle-raped Japanese.

We love Ninjas! They're good with CGI...
Ninja Scroll
by Mel. 3/12/01


A-hoy, Sailor of moons
Sailor Moon
by B. 4/10/01


Team Rocket
The Top 10 Moments Ever
by B. 4/10/01

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