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My Generations Timeless Classics: Burgertime
Mr. Hot Dog, Jesus and his Frat Buddies, and a discussion on restaurant violence.
Written by B on 6/16/01

Pantheon of Voice Gods Profiled 1.0
Who is Frank Welker, and how does he put Kevin Bacon's six degrees to shame?
Written by Mel. on 6/17/01
Pantheon of Voice Gods Profiled 2.0
The telling of Chris Latta.
Written by Mel. on 6/18/01
Pantheon of Voice Gods Profiled 3.0
The rolling thunder and magnificent malice of Tony Jay.
Written by Mel. on 6/21/01
Street Fighter Street Fighter: The Movie
Remember those guys to the left? Stick your head between Blanka's furry legs and kiss his stinkin ass goodbye.
Written by B on 7/05/01
Paper Mario This Week's Reader Submission Contest Winner #1: B's Pick
"Paper Mario" by Mike Ianoco.
Written by B on 7/07/01
The Chipmunk Adventure
Leaping headlong into the most illogical kids flick of all time. Guaranteed to brighten your day! DO! DO! DODODODO!
Written by B on 7/19/01
Trapped Under Wreckage and Doin' It for Aunt May
My history with Spider-man, the greatest issues in Amazing's history, and a stupid story about me in the tub in my pajamas.
Written by B on 8/06/01
Friday the 13th part 10,219: Jason Goes to Crap
A wistful wave of nostalgia for one of the most frustrating and ultimately retarded games of the digital age.
Written by B on 8/22/01
The Care Bears Movie
It's great to be in that Care Bear Family. Yes it's great to be in that Care Bear Family. Yes it's great to be...
Written by B on 8/28/01

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