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Celebrities 4 u!!

The beast of celebrity
An analysis of an overrated concept.
Written by Paul on 2/17/01

A look at Pee Wee Sociopath.
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Stump-Fuck the Media.
Written by Mel. on 2/27/01
MMM....Curry. With Chips? Curry Man is Ichiban
He's Hot...He's Spicy...He Tastes Great...He's my hero.
Written by B on 3/12/01
Cheer up, oh Dark Angel NEWSFLASH - Hot Girl Looks Sad for No Reason
A SO not indepth look at Dark Angel star Jessica Alba. -high five- She's pretty, did you hear?
Written by B on 3/27/01
Thora, can you spare us a dime? My First Love - Thora Birch
A loving diatribe about Monkey Trouble, and its relationship with my puberty
Written by B on 4/03/01
Tori, tell us a story of duckilings of ugly Aaron Spelling Just Gave Me a Dollar to Tell You That Tori is Pretty
The fruit of this man's loins should have been cancelled shortly after her birth...
Written by Dave on 4/06/01
She is the Game!! Daddy's Little Girl
The Stephanie McMahon Tribute, for your wanking pleasure.
Written by B on 4/09/01
All about cookies The Super Fire Wickid Awesome Chips Ahoy! Tribute
Dave and B explore the ramifications and history of the world's greatest food. Read at your own risk.
Written by The WD Staff - B and Dave on 4/16/01
Edgy The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories
The written word scraps and splintered backbone of Burton's brilliance dissected.
Written by Mel. on 4/17/01
Insincere Phony Couples Attack
Spitting on the tenuous relationships of Tinseltown's most phony.
Written by Paul on 5/01/01

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We're talking to celebrities.
Go home and watch Star Trek...URKEL~!!!1

You might not recognize the name, but you've seen the face
Clint Howard
by Mel. 3/1/01


Not white faced or dead. It's BEETLEJUICE.
of "The Howard Stern Show"
by B. 4/10/01


Daffney Unger
former WCW valet
by B. 6/20/01

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