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The Wedding Planner and Jennifer Lopez's Legacy of Love
Good Dental care from a pop icon: If you want to floss, she's got her own.
Written by B and Paul on 5/03/01

Letters from Hollywood
Celebrities love us!
Written by Paul on 5/23/01
William Zabka - My Tribute to an Underappreciated Star of the 80's
This is my tribute to William Zabka.... underappreciated star of the 80's.
Written by Dave on 6/19/01
Heigl The Unapologetic Katherine Heigl Tribute Gallery
Weighing the pros and cons of the hottest girl we hope you're not watching. Five serious cons against two BIG pros.
Written by B on 7/06/01
Cruise This Week's Reader Submission Contest Winner #2: Dave's Pick
"Tom Cruise and Incredulous Processİ" by Justin Desmond
Written by Dave on 7/07/01
I Want to Eat Camryn Manheim
..and Brendan Fraser makes me want to curl up and die.
Written by Jen on 7/16/01
Show Me That Smile Again
Why Kirk Cameron is a scary, scary man.
Written by Jen on 7/24/01
Jennifer Love Hewitt: not that bad
Looking at a pretty girl with a longer face than E.T!!111
Written by Paul on 7/26/01
This Week's Reader Submission Contest Winner #345: Dancing B's Pick
The untitled "HateFest 2001" by Dave "Suicide King Mob" Emerson Hemmingway Descartes.
Written by B on 7/29/01
Redheads in the Media..
And why I just can't bear to look anymore..
Written by Jen on 8/03/01

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