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Does God Exist?
Here's the joke, okay? The text argues FOR the existence of God, but the pictures argue AGAINST it. LOL~!!!11
Written by B on 8/11/01

The Best Things in Life are Free
The day the digital music died.
Written by Filippo on 8/12/01
I Send You This Article To Have Your Advice
Hi? How are you! Anonymity is not just for deformed Internet writers.
Written by Jen on 8/30/01
Case of Mistaken Identity #1:
Jen investigates the Kevin Owens/Marilyn Manson paradox.
Written by Jen on 9/07/01
Case of Mistaken Identity #2:
No mistake here: 10 reasons why Billy Corgan IS Jerry Supiran.
Written by Jen on 9/23/01
The Westing Game
A cult classic!!1
Written by Jen on 9/27/01
Silver David Silver... The Man, The Myth, The Legend   part 1    part 2
You've had the rest of him.. now here comes the best of him. It's time for show and tell.
Written by Dave on 9/28/01
Ron Jeremy Ron Jeremy and the quest for something more.
When being paid to fuck is no longer enough
Written by Filippo on 3/01/02
Crowe Deconstructing Russell Crowe
Portrait of a fine actor/serial womanizer
Written by Paul on 3/11/02
Walken! Christopher Walken Inducted Into Humanity Hall of Fame
You didn't think this through too good, did you?
Written by Matthew on 3/11/02
Keanu Viva Keanu!
Tribute to acting genius, Chris Klein forefather and failed Bisexual philosopher!
Written by Mickey on 4/02/02
Moore Michael Moore's 48th Birthday Party
All fouffs and commies invited!
Written by Chad on 4/25/02
Hicks Bill Hicks and the War Against Mediocrity
One visionary comic
Written by Matthew on 6/09/02
Phony Phony Couples Attack: Part Two
Critiquing the relationships that hit the skids
Written by Paul on 7/03/02

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