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Enduring the Horror of Freddie Prinze, Jr.
Here is all the information guys will need to successfully lie to their girlfriends about having seen this movie already.
Written by Dave on 2/12/01

Teen movies!! An in-depth look at teen movies
Geeks, nerds, jocks and unoriginal movie-makers!!
Written by Paul on 2/13/01
Hey, yo Rocky - The Saga of a Meatball
He's short, he's Italian and he can't read. But he wins our hearts in the end.
Written by Paul on 2/14/01
Midgets and cross-dressers Return to Oz - overlooked treasure
We're off to see the Wizard. ( repeat )
Written by Paul on 2/16/01
This explains my current state Ummm… Mom… Dad.. What Were You Thinking?
The five most asinine selections my parents ever made when deciding to take me to the movies.
Written by Dave on 2/20/01
Money Swingers is money, baby
A look at one of the best guy movies ever..
Written by Paul on 2/23/01
Forsooth, my lord? Shakespeare in Love: Undeserving of love
A glimpse at the least impressive best picture winner EVER
Written by Paul on 3/19/01
Smells like a stinker to me.. 8MM: Snuff enough?
Not just bad, it's just incredibly bad
Written by Paul on 4/02/01
The First Rule is broken.. Fight Club: hail to the Space Monkeys
Analyzing one of the greatest subversive movies of our time
Written by Paul on 4/09/01
Eric Roberts! Best of the Best is the Best of the Best
The title of this movie should be THE BEST OF THE BEST OF THE BEST.
Written by B on 4/09/01
Bad movies of bad games Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Written by Mel. on 4/10/01
Eat my shorts! Retro: The Breakfast Club
Don't you forget about the Brat Pack
Written by Paul on 4/16/01
Romantic? Bridget Jones and Romantic Comedies
And it all ended happily ever after
Written by Paul on 4/18/01
Jung enough Blow.
Setting the standard for a new Hollywood ratings system; simply sum up the film in one word or less.
Written by Mel. on 4/27/01
Baron? The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
A movie featuring anti-genocidal commentary, Terry Gilliam production values and the floating head of Robin Williams.. what the hell else could you want?
Written by Mel. on 4/30/01

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It's not MY fault
Good Will Hunting


Raped by Kevin Bacon. Humiliated much?


Look closer, for god's sake...
American Beauty


Kevin Spacey's sarcasm and charred skin
Pay It Forward


Mischief, mayhem and soap...
Fight Club


I'm blind
At First Sight


Patch Adams


Sixth Sense


American Pie


Cast Away


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