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Mighty Unoriginal

The Bad News Little Mighty Giant Duck Bears
If you've seen one movie about kids playing sports... you've seen them all.
Written by Dave on 5/02/01

Dead Man sitting Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man
Proof positive that not all of Hollywood's rebel scum have cashed in for a tie and primo parking space.
Written by Mel on 5/05/01
Roody Poo! The Mummy Just Brings It
Brendan Fraser threatens to shine up that sarcophagus and stick it STRAIGHT UP YOUR MONKEY ASS.
Written by B on 5/06/01
Seat of the soul Classic Hollywood: Angel On My Shoulder
Enjoying an old Hollywood diamond.
Written by Mel on 5/09/01
Hi-Yaaaa Six-String Samurai
Reshaping the classic clay of musashi cinema one idea at a time
Written by Mel. on 5/14/01
Michael Keaton vs. Tom Hanks
Two Careers Diverged in the Woods in 1993... and I Chose the One Less Travelled
Written by Dave on 5/30/01
Foreign Body
The shogunate of shlock horror's mettle is tested in a film you'll never have to sit through.
Written by Mel on 5/31/01
Man's role in contemporary cinema.
SERIOUS filmic essayism and not a gay joke in sight.
Written by Paul on 6/04/01
Rocky IV - Two Worlds Collide
Bravely we hope against all hope. There is so much at stake... seems our freedom's up against the ropes.
Written by The WD Staff on 6/07/01
A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
The thing about aliens is just a joke.  I know they aren't supposed to be aliens.   It's called satire.  So stop e-mailing me.  Please.  I'll send you all candy.  Alien candy.
Written by B on 6/30/01
This Week's Reader Submission Contest Winner #1: B's Pick
"I Am Jack's Younger Self" by Galvin Chow.
Written by B on 7/21/01
Boyz N the Hood
New W-D writer Filippo Goodman tackles one of the most important movies of our generation.
Written by Filippo on 7/24/01
Planet of the Apes: 1968 - 2001
A relatively spoiler-free look at the movie of the summer, the movie that started it all, and absolutely NOTHING in between.
Written by Paul and B on 7/30/01
My Favorite Movie of All-Time
And yes, it stars Jack Black.
Written by Emerson on 8/14/01
Full Metal Jacket's Sgt Hartman for Prez!
Celebrating one of cinema's unsung heroes.
Written by Paul on 8/24/01
Hands of Fate: Steve Guttenberg
Yesterday's hero is today's joke. Discuss.
Written by Paul on 10/15/01
Alice in Wonderland part 1 part 2
Sorry to disappoint you, but it's a children's novel .
Written by Jen on 10/15/01
Chasing Amy: Helping Men since 1998.
Applauding Kevin Smith's gem of an Indie.
Written by Paul on 10/31/01

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