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Clerks: I'll bet you 20 bucks you should rent this movie
A look at yet another Kevin Smith masterpiece, also, life lessons from Randal.
Written by Jen on 11/20/01
Clockwork Orange Visions of Pretty Polly Dancing in Kubrick's Gulliver:
The real travesty of A Clockwork Orange
Written by Jen on 11/16/01
Here on Earth Here on Earth
Strangely enough... we're still looking for people, here on earth, who actually thought this movie was good...
Written by Paul on 12/12/01
It's a Wonderful Life! Mood Movies: It's a Wonderful Life
W-D begins 2002 with a look at a masterpiece
Written by Paul on 1/08/02
Slutcakes On your knees, bitch!
A look at some of Hollywood's most definitive slutcakes
Written by Jen on 1/14/02
Muppets! Drug Movie: Muppets From Space
Gonzo stars in the Muppets tale of debauchery!
Written by Chad on 1/21/02
Saving Silverman The Worst Movie Ever
More shameful than letting your kids hang out with Michael Jackson
Written by Matthew on 1/30/02
Wonka! The twisted brilliance of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Hidden meanings, orange midgets and gobbledygookers!
Written by Chad and Paul on 2/12/02
The Goonies! The Goonies, and Ten Degrees of 1980’s movies
Means ten tons of fun for you!
Written by Jen on 2/20/02
The Lost Boys Ten Degrees of 80’s Madness Continues
Finding sweet, sweet love in The Lost Boys
Written by Jen on 3/08/02
Footloose Ten Degrees of Eighties continues: Cutting Footloose
Kevin Bacon, you so sexy
Written by Jen on 3/20/02
Spidey To See or Not To See Spidey
Weed festival or geeklore movie? That is the question.
Written by Chad on 5/05/02
Escape to Victory
W-D pays homage to one of the silliest soccer movies... to ever star Sly Stallone!
Written by Mickey on 5/16/02
She's Having A Baby Ten Degrees of Eighties' Movies: She's Having A Baby
Bacon+Hughes+teen melodrama-Sausage= one sizzling mouthful!!111
Written by Mickey on 6/20/02
Point Break! Point Break: When surfers go bad...
W-D kicks off its Patrick Swayze "season" with an homage to the greatest "surf crime" movie ever..
Written by Mickey on 7/04/02
Denise, Denise! The Cinema of Denise Richards
Tits, ass, and not much else
Written by Chad on 7/11/02
Black Dog Black Dog: Swayze's new face and woeful 90's career path
Swayze season continues...Meatloaf, bad dialogue and trucking!
Written by Mickey on 7/12/02
Ain't It Cool? Deconstructing Harry Knowles and the geek manifesto...
Hollywood savior or a thorn in the industry's side?
Written by Paul on 7/17/02
Action! Action Heroes and muscly superstars
Mike looks at some of the best movie heroes and Vin Diesel..
Written by Mike on 7/18/02
Praise Jesus! The World Of Christian Cinema
Grab the Holy Popcorn...
Written by Mike on 7/24/02
Red or dead... Two diabolical redheads: Part One of Two
In the red corner, weighing in at something pretty modest, as befits as a schoolgirl half eaten away with nervous anxiety, Sissy Spacek in "Carrie."
Written by Mickey on 7/25/02
Got Nic? Two diabolical redheads: Part Two of Two
And in the other corner, too cloaked in shadow to be able to discern what color it might be, Nicole Kidman in "The Others".
Written by Mickey on 7/25/02
The Signs... The WD True Hollywod Story: John Carpenter
The SIGNS of the end are upon us...
Written by Mike on 8/05/02
Sharks! Sharks 8, Humans 3
Mickey examines the human buffet that is the shark movie
Written by Mickey on 8/29/02
Look Closer A Look Closer at American Beauty
Were critics too hasty in hailing American Beauty a masterpiece?
Written by Paul on 9/19/02

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