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Places We Hate in Los Angeles: The Dirge of Bahama Lanes
When geek love runs afoul.
Written by Mel. on 3/17/01

When Phonies attack!! The Oscars: A look at the 73rd annual back-slap
The W-D staff review the Oscars
Written by The W-D Staff on 3/26/01
Disney is evil The Disneyland Death Tour part 1 of 2
The Disneyland Death Tour part 2 of 2

Disney's not all about boners and lions that do it.  Shocking history revealed.
Written by Mel. on 3/28/01
Spray some Lynx on this armpit! New Jersey and You.... Perfect Together.
A tribute to the Armpit of America
Written by Dave on 3/30/01
Get free movies and games. NOW!! Cheating the Bastards at Blockbuster Video
The article that every Blockbuster employee hates and every Blockbuster customers loves.   It varies from store to store, so use your discretion.  Also, try not to be stupid.
Written by B on 4/13/01
Alabama, uh-huh Sweet Home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue...and the local celebrities induce homicidal rage.
Written by B on 4/21/01
Hail the diner The Beauty and Allure of... the Diner.
Oh great... Dave's back on his Jersey kick again. He's also talking about himself in the third person. Dave has problems.
Written by Dave on 4/25/01
Visiting Medieval Times.
Take a spin on the retro-gestapo profiteering ubercarousel!
Written by Mel on 6/05/01
The Life of a Hardwired Idiot
Introspection on the Learning Curve of the Information Superhighway
Written by Mel on 6/11/01
Reader Submission Contest: Week 1 Winner
"Knowledge is Good" by Paul Ankerich.
Written by The W-D Staff on 6/30/01

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When Dave feels too much to stick to one topic.  It's a powerful thing.

Babes, beer and a man with a drinking problem


Got Prinze?






by B.

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