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A Week in the Life of a Hardcore Internet Journalist
Final Fantasy and The Score reviewed, a brief discussion on the benefits of the Y chromosome, wrestling, and undying love for Josie and the Pussycats.
Written by B on 7/17/01

Pop Culture in New York
The City so nice, they have Broadway plays...
Written by Paul on 7/18/01
Woodstock 1999: Pricey Hippies and Smelly Water
Or is that the other way around?
Written by Emerson on 8/08/01
The World Trade Center Disaster - All Our Worlds
Whatever-Dude's staff tries to make sense of the most important event in the history of our lives.
Written by W-D Staff on 9/13/01
Yard Sale, and All Associated Mullets
Emerson's quest from Kentucky to the Promised Land. Of...uh, Indiana.
Written by Emerson on 10/01/01
Pain Twice in My Life
I miss her more than I ever thought possible...and this book keeps making me cry.
Written by B on 10/07/01
Skydiving The skydiving extravaganza
Jen experiences 60 seconds of free-falling exhiliration..
Written by Jen on 11/02/01
Car Wars Car Wars: The Phantom Mileage
Dave and Fouff from BigMeats.net team up to entertain, educate, enlighten, and any other verb that starts with the letter E .
Written by Dave and Fouff of BigMeats.net fame on 11/29/01
Drugs The Drug War: Who's it really against?
A pertinent discussion to show we really do care.
Written by Filippo on 12/07/01
Embarrassed? Embarrassing Moments
A few of W-D's writers take a walk down memory lane and trip into a pile of manure.
Written by Chad, Jen, and Dave on 1/24/02
Love with Poodles! Love, Doggy Style
A detailed look at dog breeding in America...
Written by Eric on 2/12/02
Gold Bond rawks! The Glee of Gold Bond.
The life of an addict is an embarrassing one.
Written by Chad on 2/16/02
Canada! Canada Rejoices! Hockey Gold!
A look into the long road of double gold.
Written by Chad on 2/25/02
Strange Sex laws! Strange Sex Laws Around the World!
The only thing better than a foreign accent is a foreign sex law...
Written by Eric on 3/12/02
Fatties! Thanks to the Fatso
Our world would suck without the obese.
Written by Chad on 3/15/02

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