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A Study in Professional Wrestling Greatness: Inoki vs. Vader 1/4/96
You ever wanted to see a 400 pound guy beat up a 53-year-old Japanese politician? Crazy Japanese fun for the whole family.
Written by Matthew on 4/02/02

Good Friday The Long Good Friday
How one brave pop culture enthusiast will crucify himself for our entertainment!
Written by Mickey on 4/09/02
Porn Pornography: Discovery of a Lifetime
Our first experiences with adult entertainment...
Written by Eric and Mickey on 4/18/02
Football Looking for the Fourth Piece of the Puzzle (Part One)
Sorry if you were looking for a video game article.. but last I checked, I had fully functioning testicles.
Written by Dave on 4/26/02
Wrestling The Wrestling-Reality Connection: Two Parts (click here to read part two)
The relationship between professional wrestling and the space-time continuum revealed!! .
Written by Eric on 5/17/02
Cloverdale Fear and Loathing in Cloverdale (parts 1&2 of 4)
A Savage Journey to the Heart of my Hometown
Written by Chad on 5/24/02
Masturbation Strummin’ on da ol’ banjo
All about us playing solo on our skin instruments
Written by Half the W-D Staff on 5/31/02
World Cup Soccer The World Cup: Sport at its best...
Soccer? Not video games? Fully-functioning testicles? Yes?
Written by Mickey and Paul on 6/03/02
Milwaukee Viva Milwaukee
Looking at a great US city from down under.
Written by Mickey on 6/15/02
Cloverdale: Part Two Fear and Loathing in Cloverdale
Parts 3 and 4, the concluding pieces to my hometown gonzo journalism
Written by Chad on 6/17/02
More sex lies, erm, laws! More Strange Sex Laws!
Just when you thought that YOU were kinky...
Written by Eric on 6/18/02
Drugged thing! The Heat Warps the Mind
The Summer of the Next Drugged Thing.
Written by Chad on 9/11/02
Vegas, baby Villains of Vegas
The first night of five in Las Vegas is a rough one...
Written by Chad on 9/22/02

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