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Death to the White Rapper
The worst white rapper of all time - and it's not who you think.
Written by B on 2/23/01

DMB for the mystical soul He Wakes Up in the Morning...
My narcissistic, self-involved tribute to the Dave Matthews Band
Written by Dave on 2/27/01
Deep girls get all the luck Why Sarah McLachlan Makes Me Cry
If you enjoy violence and negativity, move along. If you enjoy a guy being a complete pussy, read on.
Written by B on 3/20/01
Tastes like honey and bullshit Mariah's Theme: An Unholy Shriek of Death
Her loves so good I don't wanna let go, but although I should, I can't STOP WANTING TO HIT HER IN THE NECK WITH A SPEAR
Written by B on 4/09/01
Singing Fairies Rating the Boybands: Special Edition
Taking a look back at one of the worst trends to hit America since T-shirts from the 80's. Remember THUNDERCATS ROLFMAO!!!1
Written by B on 5/01/01
Girl Rock! Dead Media Darlings: The Unbearable Wasting of the Fem-Rock Revolution
The Schwahlings Sound Off with a Tender Dirge to the Dearly Departed
Written by Mel and Cameron Archer on 5/01/01
OMGROTFLMAO!!11 Brittney Cleary - America's New Singing Sensation: ONLINE
Ever wanted to ROTFL?  Words of wisdom from the girl who says it's "easier to type than use a pen."  I've G2G to the bathroom and vomit.
Written by B on 5/07/01
Oirish charm, boyo! Manufactured mayhem: Westlife
They were made in Dublin, but they live in all our hearts.
Written by Paul on 5/11/01
Smells like suicide? Teenage Angst Has Paid Off Well...
My narcissistic, self-involved tribute to Kurt Cobain.
Written by Dave on 5/15/01
Things I Want to Drill in Alaska
My loving tribute to singer/actress/poet Jewel Kilcher...come back, Jewel, and make folk rock FUN again!
Written by B on 6/13/01

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Lady Marmalade
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