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Shut Your Fucking Face, Uncle Kracker
A loving tribute to everybody's favorite coattail riding, overweight, country/western DJ Pop SENSATION!
Written by B on 6/24/01

Manufactured mayhem: A*Teens
They love it when a shitty song comes together..
Written by Paul on 6/27/01
Is it WRONG to Rock for Christ?
Creed takes you HIGHER, until you burn to death in the sun.
Written by B on 7/26/01
This Week's Reader Submission Contest Winner #4: Paul's Pick
"Theater Follies, Episode 1" AND "We Sold Our Souls For Christian Rock" by "7th Level"..
Written by Paul on 7/28/01
The 2001 MTV VMAs reviewed.
W-D's staff tackle MTV's annual bout with vacuousness.
Written by W-D Staff on 9/07/01
The Boy with the Thorn in His Side:
Jen wonders how someone so young could sing words so sad...
Written by Jen on 9/21/01
Nelly - The Name of the Beast
...Ralph wept for for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of a true, wise friend called Piggy.
Written by B on 9/22/01
Music Vids Music video reviews
Lock up your wives and daughters. FG is back!
Written by Filippo on 11/24/01
Jessica Jessica Simpson: Does she have a purpose?
Trying to answer an obvious question has never troubled a human more. PLUS: HATE MAIL!
Written by Paul on 12/14/01
Celine Celine Dion, the Media Whore
A collection of bitterness and 4 letter words for the queen of crap.
Written by Chad on 2/02/02
Durst Asshole Bowl 2002: Matthew vs. Fred Durst
I've loaded up on Hatorade
Written by Matthew on 2/17/02

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Britney's Pepsi Deal
by B

Behind her shitty lyrics
Behind the Lyrics
by Paul

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