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Richard Gere will enjoy this

Once Upon a Hamster
Come join Hammy Hamster, the first Horseman of Apocalypse
Written by B on 2/12/01

Talk shows aren't just for fat housewives Jerry Springer: talk show king
Cussin', fightin' and really bad jokes.
Written by Paul on 2/18/01
Wrasslin, really Jeff Gordon Triumphant
Hate-mail lightning rod used to disguise post about professional wrestling.
Written by B on 2/21/01
Sickeningly smug kids like to party. Hooray! There Ain't No Party Like an S Club Party
German philosophy meets British pop music on Fox Family.
Written by B on 2/22/01
He's Mike Brady with a bigger head Dawson's Creek characters: Mitch Leery
Big heads run in the family
Written by Paul on 2/25/01
Shoot me now!! Friends. 30 minutes of disgust.
If you like this shit, you better not read my take on it.
Written by Paul on 2/28/01
Like, you know, teen melodrama? 90210 Character Profiles
It's not a Dwayne. It's not a Raj. It's a Re-run!!
Written by Dave on 3/14/01
INDEED!! Iron Chef is Coming Up Next
I accept your super happy family smile-time wish cooking challenge!
Written by B on 3/15/01
Pure and simple, baby Popstars: TV does it again.
Looking at Pop's newest sensation
Written by Paul on 3/22/01
Go rent a clue, Steve What Did Steve Just Get? A CLUE A CLUE!
Steve just left Blues Clues because he's really smart.
Written by B on 3/25/01

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Unfortunately B likes these shows a little...too much.

Suicide provoking TV
Full House
by B - 2/15/01


Family Matters
by B - 4/14/01


TGIF Travesties
Urkel Dance, etc.
by B - 6/10/01

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