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Clowns, giants and semi-naked men.

Wrestlemania: the legacy
Glancing at wrestling's showcase in our own inimitable style
Written by Dave and Paul on 4/04/01

The Power Rangers return from cultural indifference for one brilliant moment.
Written by B on 4/12/01
Sucka The A-Team: when a plan comes together
Giving props to the show of the eighties.
Written by Paul on 4/24/01
Real World No Human Shall Escape The Real World
The shifty-eyed older brother of reality television makes its way to Chicago, and beyond.
Written by B on 5/24/01
tv.jpg (2404 bytes) Television.
How could something that brought me such joy as a child.... piss me off to no end a few years later?
Written by Dave on 6/15/01
Blossom Lameness Dancing on a Piano: Blossom and the Russos
In my opinionation, I'm surely going to bash my head into the coffee table until I pass out.
Written by B on 6/26/01
Wacky Dads The Wacky Dads of 90210
I actually wrote this over a year ago for X-E... but shhh, don't tell anybody.
Written by Dave on 6/28/01
RW moments My 5 Favorite Real World Moments
At least I won't bullshit ya and tell you that these were voted on by the fans at MTV.com
Written by Dave on 7/02/01
7th This Week's Reader Submission Contest Winner #1: Paul's Pick
"7th Heaven: The 7th Circle of Hell" by Shawn Jordan
Written by Paul on 7/15/01
City Guys This Week's Reader Submission Contest Winner #2: Dave's Pick
"City Guys - Comedy for Teens, WITH EDGE!" by Weas
Written by Dave on 7/15/01

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