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You Can't Do That On Television..
Cleverly disguised propaganda for a new breed of Canadian Fascism...
Written by Jen on 7/27/01

Learning the Facts of Life
Over Our Heads: A modern-day cash cow.
Written by Jen on 10/02/01
Brand New Lame Around the Bend: Who's the Boss?
There's a path you take and a path not taken. The choice is up to you my friend. My choice? Drive into a tree.
Written by B on 10/04/01
Different Strokes Diff'rent Strokes for Diff'rent Folks
A man is born, he's a man of means. Then along come two, they got nothing but their jeans... (C'mon, we know they owned shirts too. Let's not be overly dramatic.)
Written by Dave on 10/10/01
The Charmings The Charmings
Yes, there was a Snow White sitcom. No, you don't remember it. Not yet, anyway.
Written by B on 10/17/01
Dangermouse! Danger...Danger...Dangermouse!
They have cartoons where Paul comes from too. Only theirs don't pilot giant robots. But there's a sassy hamster so hey, what do we know.
Written by Paul on 10/18/01
Blind Date e.t.c Blind Date, Shipmates, and others:
Jen inappropriately over-analyzes
Written by Jen on 11/29/01
Magic Shows 1.0 Part One: Magic shows demystified
Pictorial essay on Steve Burton disguised as nostalgic tribute to Out of This World
Written by Jen on 12/17/01
Sex and the City Sex and the City: The Suck to The Soprano's Yang
Enter a world where ugly old women are sexy!
Written by Matthew on 1/22/02
Info! Infomercialmania!
The varying artforms of late-night advertising.
Written by Chad on 1/24/02
Magic 2.0 Demystifying the Magic Part Two:
Sabrina the Teenage Witch…plus hate mail!
Written by Jen on 2/12/02
Dawson Leery Dawson's Creek characters: Dawson Leery
After a long break, W-D resumes its DC profiles with a look at the meddlesome lead!
Written by Dave and Paul on 6/18/02
Real World The Real World Chicago
Don't look yet! It's safe to look now!
Written by Jen on 6/26/02
Politically Incorrect Politically Corrected
A man who never self-censored his opinions has lost his broadcasting voice.
Written by Chad on 6/29/02
Knight Rider Knight Rider: One man and his campy talking car
Our new recruit dangles his microscope over David Hasselhoff
Written by Mike on 7/11/02
AutoMan Automania!
Mike continues to work the front page into a 7th Level furry.
Written by Mike on 7/12/02
Idols American Idol
Where the next superstar isn't the music talent... but a judge
Written by Dave and Chad on 7/21/02
Buck Buck Rogers
No, not the name of a cheesy male porn star. Just a cheesy TV show from the Larson camp.
Written by Mike on 7/22/02
Manimal Enter... MANIMAL!
Larson goes to the dogs... and the cats... and the birds...
Written by Mike on 8/01/02
Brandon! Two Great Brandon Girlfriends
Mickey wishes Jason Priestley a happy birthday and a speedy recovery with a glance back at some of the glamour pusses his 90210 character dated.
Written by Mickey on 8/28/02
The Phoenix The Phoenix
More shitty sci-fi TV... and Larson is blameless, no less!
Written by Mike on 8/28/02
In da Ghetto! Matthew Ain't No Ghetto Star...
...but just another shameful 80s sci-fi gangsta!
Written by Mike on 9/16/02

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