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The rest of the Internet can be a great place, especially if you pledge allegiance to us and do whatever we say.  And, if not, the rest of the Internet can be a LIVING HELL.  We guarantee it... there's that word again.

Dark Horizons

- Awesome resource for those who want to remain in the know. The very latest movie and tv news, reviews, spoliers and figures. Hugely popular and a great read with exciting daily content.


- Very funny, very intelligent site, expounding on the absurdity of life. Satire, originality and wit at its best. Two sticky thumbs up for the Un-PC stance.   I give them 10 out of 9 stars.


- Fantastically assembled site with a string of humorous and/or insightful articles on entertainment, life and dating. Always an entertaining read, Written by intelligent people FOR intelligent people.

Fark off

- Hugely successful portal site with weird users and interesting links to the bizarre world of titty-obsessed bollocks that is the World Wide Web.

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