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Dawson's Creek Episode Review.... Graduation Day

posted by Dave on 6/02/01

Donna Martin graduates!!

Shit.. wrong graduation episode.

Hi... and welcome to my show.

Previously on Dawson's Creek...

Gretchen and Dawson broke up right after the prom.... as did Pacey and Joey.

Gramms is selling the house to pay for Jennnifuuur to go to college.

Pacey gets an offer to work on a boat off the coast of Florida for the summer.

Dave returned home to find his apartment destroyed and didn't get to see the episode where any of this happened. He's also listening to Brittney Cleary's "IM Me" song as he's writing this. My buddy list is growing all the time.

The show starts off with Principal "Skinner" (voiced and acted by Das Wunderkid Harry Shearer) giving a speech at the graduation rehearsal, out on the lawn of Capeside High. He warns against anybody trying to pull a prank before or at the graduation ceremony itself; claiming that "Security will be tighter than Ricky Martin's pants.".

Hey... there's always room for more than one cock in my pants!!

Writer's Note: All of the people that think Ricky Martin is a good dancer probably look at epileptic people having seizures and think to themselves, "Damn.. that boy can boogie!! Look at him get down. Shake whatcha Momma gave ya!"

The principal calls Joey up to give her graduation speech... which she informs the crowd, she hasn't finished yet. Pacey arrives on the scene.. but as he walks towards his graduating comrades, he's intercepted by Mitch.

I got here as fast as I could...

Mitch informs Pacey that since he's still on the bubble in concern to graduating... the principal wants Pacey to go home and study for his last exam... and must leave the graduation rehearsal ceremony. At least Mitch told Pacey this in the vicinity of all of his friends, so they get to watch his walk of shame away from the rehearsal.

Cue the opening credits...

Commercials of note during the break...

Jennifer Lopez is Angel Eyes. "She doesn't know who he is...." the commercial states.. and I'm in total agreement. Who the fuck is that guy co-starring with her? I've never seen him before in my life. "Tell me straight out... who are you?", she asks him. Good question, I think.

Pacey's walking home when he's approached by David Silver...

C'mon Pace... Let's get you a cowboy hat and a gun.. and we'll play a little game I like to call Scott's 10 Gallon Hat is Full of Brains

In all seriousness, Pacey is approached by his brother, Officer Doug... and some witty banter ensues, with Doug seeming genuinely concerned about Pacey graduating... and even offering to help him study.

Joey and Dawson are walking through the hallway discussing what happened to Pacey earlier... and Joey can't help but feel like she should be there for Pacey, even though they are no longer a couple. Dawson tells her that it couldn't hurt to talk to Pacey and let him know that she still cares for him. As opposed to what Dawson would do... which is make a shitty movie about their break-up and film it in front of the entire school.

Now we come to a scene where Jack and Tobey are washing a car... (Hmmm... two gay guys washing a car. I smell a water fight coming!!) Tobey's grilling Jackers about what they are now classified as.... basically asking him flat out, "When will you refer to me as your boyfriend?". "When the time is right.", Jack assures him. Tobey asks Jack about his sister Andie who is arriving back from Italy... and how he's worried that she might not like him. This is the catalyst for the giggly water fight that ensues. If television has taught me anything... it's that gay people are the most predictable and formulaic type of people on the planet.

Should I beat the decaying horse and refer to him as "The Resident Bad Boy"?

It's nighttime and Drew climbs the ladder to Jen's bedroom window. He informs her that he got into a fight with his Mom and he needs a place to crash for the night. It seems he got into a fight over his father not coming to graduation. His mother blamed him and his irresponsible... dare I say "bad boy" ways?... while he blamed his Mom and her being a cold hearted bitch for being the reason for his Dad not coming. I personally blame the producers of Dawson's Creek for not wanting to spend the money to cast someone to play Drew's father... but hey, that's just my opinion.

Cut to school the next day... as Pacey strolls into class a few seconds late to take his last final exam. As Pacey starts to write his name at the top of the paper... his pencil breaks. When he asks his teacher, Mr. Kasdan, if he has an extra one... Mr. K ribs him a little about his history of irresponsibility which in turn leads to Pacey going off on a long tirade of the faults of the teaching system bending over backwards for honors students... but for the students that could actually use help... they can't wait to get rid of them.

Writer's note: I know exactly how he feels. I used to cry out to my English teacher to help me with proper punctuation... but obviously... my cries went on deaf ears... considering I use ellipses... every... two... seconds.

Pacey storms out of the classroom and it looks now like he won't be able to graduate. Hey at least he didn't spit in the face of the teacher like he did during the second season.

That still wasn't as cool as the time I refused to take my S.A.T.'s for a second time...

Joey shows up at Pacey's to talk about the incident that just occurred at school... and she says, "There must be something that we can do.", to which Pacey replies, "We? I didn't realize we were playing a team sport here, Jo.".

Pace goes on to tell her that he still loves her... and probably will for a really long time... but for right now, it's going to be a lot easier to adjust to life without her, if she isn't around.

No commercials of note during the break... (Waits for the the groans of the readers to die down before continuing...)

Joey's in the kitchen trying to work on her commencement speech, when Bessie (Moo!) strolls in and surprises her with a little something that might help give her the inspiration to write the speech. "Take this bag of weed... roll a fatty.. and this thing will write itself.", Bessie assures her.

No wait... that's not what happened. What did happen was Bessie gave her a letter that their Mom had written a few days before she died, that was to be given to Joey on her graduation day. Joey looks pensive and says she's not ready to open it just yet.

Tobey and Jack are picking up Andie from the airport... and when Andie asks who Tobey is... Jack refers to him as "my boyfriend"... and Tobey lets out a huge smile. He looks gay. I meant gay as in the definitive term of "happy".. not the actual sexual connotation. Tobey's happy. Alright?? Geez.. cut the kid a break... would ya?!

Jen shows up at her house to find Gramms and Drew fraternizing at the kitchen table... and her reaction of "Oh.. sweet Jesus!" upon witnessing the site is possibly the funniest, most honest line muttered on this show all season.

Gramms pulls Jen aside and informs her that Drew will be staying at their house another night... but don't for a second think that she is not hip to his tricks as a B.S. artist and all around "bad boy"... but the fact is, they need somebody to help them box up some stuff for their impending move... and Drew, standing in at 7'9" tall, is just the man for the job.

Drew asks Jen for a ride to the pre-graduation bash... but asks if they can make a quick pit stop first.

Joey arrives at Dawson's and asks him to read the letter her Mom had left for her... because she can't do it. Dawson reads the letter which basically states that Joey's Mother is sure that by the time she's reading this... she has blossomed into the type of girl that would make Brandon Walsh do this if he saw her walking by....

Hey baby.. I don't normally ask girls to dance, being that it breaks my rule and all... but how about it? The only thing is... you can't mess my hair. Got it?

Commercials of note during the break...

The Kodak commercial where the girl runs past the guy's little brother, up the stairs, and takes a picture of him in his underwear. In the World of Kodak this behavior is perfectly acceptable. Also acceptable in the World of Kodak: Masturbating in public; Fondling corpses; and Touching children in their bathing suit areas.

We resume the show at the pre-graduation bash... where Dawson is talking to Joey about her procrastination from writing her speech. They run into Andie who well, acts like Andie, and overreacts at the sight of her old friends.

Mr. Kasdan shows up at Pacey's house and lets him know that he was right about what he said earlier. Students like Pacey are the reason he teaches... and he offers Pacey a make-up exam.

Drew and Jen are trying to rig the sprinkler system, when the principal catches them... and proves that security is indeed tighter than Ricky Martin's pants.

I'm not gay... but my boyfriend is. LOL!!1

Andie's talking to Dawson about his breakup with Gretchen... and Dawson explains how he'll always think of Gretch fondly because she was his first serious, adult relationship. Also, she didn't make fun of his oversized melon... so that was a big plus. Andie responds by saying that she wishes somebody remembered her with such fondness... and as if on cue, Pacey arrives at the party.

Pacey starts to go inside... but he sees Joey in there laughing and having a good time, so rather than ruin it for her, he turns around to walk back out when he runs into Andie.

The principal brings Jen and Drew back to his house, where it seems their punishment is going to be a whole night of watching Ian Ziering brush his hair.

I'm hiding the legacy key in my afro.

Their punishment is really... listening to the principal play his cello all night...

Andie tells Pacey that she heard about his and Joey's breakup... and Pacey changes the subject to ask Andie what it's like to be on your own. He tells her about the offer he got to go work on the boat for the summer... and she's the first one to hear that he has indeed graduated high school. He thanks her for being the first person to truly believe in him and they share a hug.

Pacey goes inside and approaches Joey... telling her that he thinks it's time that he lives his life on his own for a little while... but sometime down the road, "if he asked the woman he loves to go sailing with him... would she?", he asks.

"You wouldn't have to ask, Pace.", is Joey's response.

Commercials of Nnote during the break...

"Pearl Harbor"... the movie. It's Armageddon meets Saving Private Ryan!!!

Graduation Day is upon us.. and we see Pacey basking in the sunlight, while sitting in one of the empty chairs at the actual ceremony a few hours before it starts. He smiles, gets up... and leaves.

Bessie (Moo!) is putting on Joey's makeup... and Joey tells her how she was like a second mother to her. The Potter women cry and hug.

The Leerys congratulate Dawson and give him a timepiece as his graduation gift... Dawson thanks them for always believing in him.

Jesse and Andrea congratulate their baby, Hannah, for being born premature and keeping them involved in the plot somehow during that one season of 90210.

It's pronounced "Ahhhndrea". Get it straight, jerky.

Doug shows up at Pacey's and lets him know how proud he is of him for graduating... and how he deserves this summer to enjoy himself. Pacey tells Doug how much he's always looked up to him.

Andie and Jack are walking to the ceremony when she informs him that she has deferred Harvard for a year and is moving back to Italy, full time. Jack thinks it's a really good idea.. and quite convenient considering his on screen sis wanted out of her contract.

Gramms tells Jen that she couldn't be more proud of her... and not even getting in trouble with Drew the night before could change that.

Joey and Dawson are walking towards their seats for graduation... and Dawson tells a few lame jokes to try and take her mind off of he speech she has to give.

Joey goes up to give the speech and gives the basic, we'll always carry a piece of Capeside with us wherever we go, type of deal. As she's giving her speech, the camera pans through the crowd to all of the regular characters... and we see a fade to the airport where Pacey is getting ready to board his plane down to Florida.

The sprinklers come on... (Drew is sooo bad!).. and the whole graduating class throws their hats in the air. We see Pacey walking to his plane, as in the background, we hear the principal announcing his name to come up and get his diploma.

This ends the show.

Next episode: The Season Finale... Do Dawson and Joey get back together?

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