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posted by Dave on 10/12/01

What could be more fun than watching Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley perform the pledge of allegiance in her bra?

Why, it's meeting some of Whatever-Dude's writers, of course.

Yes folks, for one night only... Saturday, October 13th, 2001... Jen, B, and Dave of Whatever-Dude "fame" will be available for your viewing and hanging out pleasure in NYC at TIN LIZZIE: 1647 2nd Ave. between 85th & 86th Sts. NYC (212)288-7983

Now this isn't some lame, organized website party where we invite people to come in and stroke our egos (but if you wanna come in and do just that... feel free.) It's just that B is up from Virginia for the weekend... and I think it would be a blast if some of our readers who happen to live in the NYC area, would want to come and hang out with us.

I would say an honest estimation of our ETA would be somewhere in the 10:00 neighborhood... We'll most likely be hanging out at the end of the bar to the right of the entrance... If you have no idea what any of us look like, just ask the red-headed bartender, James Canney, where the Whatever-Dude people are.. and he'll point you in our direction. If you are a young lady... feel free to hit on James. Not only is he the manager of Tin Lizzie.. but he's single and ready to mingle. Also, he has no qualms about hooking up with "Chubalootzas" as he likes to call them, so if you're a little on the chunky side, you'll be right up his alley.

I'm hoping to see at least a few of you there... and if not, no big deal. I'll be so drugged up that chances are I wouldn't remember meeting you anyway.

Once again... it's TIN LIZZIE: 1647 2nd Ave. between 85th & 86th Sts. NYC (212)288-7983

Have a great weekend everybody.

Dave - We're feelin like a Monday.. but someday we'll be Saturday night.

W-D misses Mel more than he'll ever know

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