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posted by Matthew on 6/29/02

EgoFest 2002


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Matthew Randazzo

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Yeah, so it will be an interesting July. All month I will be out of the country, first in England, then in Japan, doing wildly divergent things. In England, as of right now (I hate saying things prematurely because they’ll just as likely end up falling apart due to outside circumstances), I will be doing some rock journalism, including writing a cover piece on Oasis for American/Canadian rock magazine. Other bands *tentatively* tipped for having the honor of being written up by me include Pulp, Spiritualized, and Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros.

In Japan, I will be finishing my Iron Chef series of articles and watching a whole great boatload of puroresu, and, God willing, I shall buy the Antonio Inoki bank, which, right beside the holy grail and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s breasts, are among life’s most pressure boons.

So, as one can guess, I won’t be writing for W-D this month, but, of course, the stories I will have when I get back should be more than interesting...they should be very interesting (ha, I bet the suspense was killing you). I’m sure Dave will singlehandedly make up for my missing creative input....haahahaha.

If ANYONE has any suggestions on questions to ask, angles to go for, or any other such thing with my articles, you can e-mail me at xcaesar76@bellsouth.netx and (Take out the x’s and make sure to e-mail both). Also, if any W-D readers are going to Oasis’ Finsbury Park Shows, feel free to e-mail me, and, of course, any W-D readers in Japan are welcome to treat me to yogurt with a side of Inoki Bank!.

Anyway, you guys have a safe month, and enjoy your summer. I look forward to sharing my stories with all of you, and maybe even meeting a couple of you folks soon.


PS. I apologize for putting this on the main board, but, as you may have guessed, I lost the Little Dude posting URL and was in a rush ;-P. To make it worth your while, a parade of photographs named “Not Filler”:

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