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Britney Spears Jam

posted by Chad on 12/01/03

To mark the release of Britney Spears’ latest album In the Zone, and the media flooding that will come with it, I present my Britney Spears parody pictures. As a tribute, as a groin shot, as cultural subversion, as appreciation for her clothing being traded for continued pop-popularity, as a way to say thank you for her bubble gum flavour wearing thin and transforming into an album of moaning, as to make it crystal clear her career was built on visuals, great great visuals, here I am reliving some classic Britney Spears moments. I do this now to avoid having to do a homemade porn parody or a playboy spread eagle shot, though I’m sure it won’t be long until somebody photoshop’s a moving penis probbing my body. Enjoy!

CD Covers

Blunt Photoshops

“Britney Spears ain’t my lova”

The cock Rock

“I laugh at your manhood!”




Word to Josh at the fuck society for lifting the 7-11 jersey for me.

The Choice of a Generation

Thanks for the memories Britney. Hopefully there won’t be many more.



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