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Dawson's Creek Episode Review 4/11

posted by Dave on 4/13/01

Hi.. and welcome to my show.

It's rare when I actually need the Previously on Dawson's Creek pre-episode summary... but hell, it's been so long, even I forget what's going on with my friends at Capeside.

They're not your friends Dave... They just want you to watch the commercials and buy the products... They don't care about you.

Thanks for reminding me about how television works.

Anyways... Previously on Dawson's Creek:

Jen has finally built trust with her therapist. Something tells me that this reminder serves to show that she's going to delve a little bit deeper into her psychological problems. Oh joy.

We're reminded that Mr. Brooks left Dawson an undiclosed sum of money in his will. I haven't seen a plot so original... since.. umm.. Dylan's trust fund on 90210.

Joey lied to Dawson about her and Pacey sleeping together. You would too if you knew what was good for ya.

Dave admitted to all of his friends that he has always really liked Lionel Richie. Wait... that wasn't on Dawson's Creek.. and Dave doesn't have any friends.

The episode starts out with Joey sitting in the cafeteria, skeptically ready to give some macaroni looking dish a try. I gotta a dish for ya Miss Holmes. Rowwwr!! Jen and Joey start talking about colleges and how Jen and Jack have been accepted to a bunch of schools but haven't decided on which one they are going to yet.

Some random teacher's pet arrives and gives Joey a note to go to the principal's office. Cut to a scene where Jack and Dawson are chatting about the note Dawson just received to guess what... That's right.. go to the principal's office.

Joey and Dawson see each other standing at the secretary's office counter and she informs them that they both received calls from home about college acceptance letters arriving. Of course Dawson has to make the overly dramatic comment:

"I guess this is another life altering moment."

From their talking to invisible people on the other end of the phone, we learn that Joey got into the college that she was shooting for, while Dawson got the big NEG from NYU Film School. I'm so happy I could almost cry. Oh, who am I kidding? I cried.

(cue the intro music)

Commercials of note during the break:

Josie and the Pussycats. "It's Charlie's Angels meets Austin Powers" the commercial tells me... which makes perfect sense considering that neither movie had anything remotely to do with a band.

Joey and Dawson are in the hallway chatting and as usual Joey can't feel any happiness, rather focusing on Dawson's getting rejected by NYU.

Pacey arrives just in time to save us from another second of Dawson's mere presence... and he convinces Joey to cut the rest of the day with him, so they can go to the Potter residence and let her take a look at her acceptance letter.

Cut to a scene of Jen and Jack in the AV room trying to decide on which college that they will be attending. Jack wants to go to the highly fictional University of New York but Jen has her reservations. Jack reminds her that she always told him that, "New York is the only city worth living in.". True dat.

Speaking of college decisions... It's weird.. I can't really remember when or why I decided to attend the illustrious Villanova University. It's like I all of a sudden remember just being there. Hmm.. and I thought I only repressed all of my memories of up until the end of junior high. Strange.

Cut to the Potter residence where we see Joey's sister Bessie (The cow says... Moo!!) hanging out with her husband Bodie (who I couldn't even tell you the last time appeared on this show.) They're laying the plans to throw Joey a celebratory BBQ extravaganza. Bessie asks Joey who she wants to invite to the party, while I respond, "Watch the show's opening credits, dumbass.". Joey reads the acceptance letter and gives a genuine, full-out smile.. as opposed to the crooked thingy she usually does.

Cut to the Leery household where Gretchen arrives and starts tonguing the Big D right in front of his whore of a mother. I'm sorry, Mitch may have forgiven her for cheating on him in the first season... but I just can't. Slut. Gretchen tries to comfort Dawson and reminds him that he still has USC to hear from... and worst case scenario, he doesn't even have to go to film school.. He can just make movies on his own with the money that Brooks left him. Yeah.. that makes sense.

Cut to Jen talking to Tom the Therapist... trying to figure out just what happened before she was sent to live with Gramms, that has her so afraid of returning back to New York City. She doesn't want to talk about it and changes the subject..

Cut to Joey and Pacey outside the Potter residence, where they have just come back from shopping for BBQ supplies. Joey's still in disbelief that she got accepted to Worthington (her fictional dream school).. and she exclaims:

"It's kind of weird to get your dream", to which Pacey replies, "I know.. I say that everytime I look at you.". My dear lord.

Joey enters the house, while Bessie's baby cries in the background.. She opens up the mail to find a letter from the Bursar's office informing her that the free ride she was expecting is anything but. Her scholarship comes up $15,000 short per year. Yikes.

I think to myself... does Bessie's baby in the background kind of symbolize the reason that Bessie didn't go to college... and the opening of this fateful letter while said baby cries.. is kind of a juxtaposition of the Potter sisters situations? Then I remember that I don't even know what "juxtaposition" actually means.. and I dial 1-900-Mix-A-Lot and kick my nasty thoughts. Baby got back.

Commercials of note during the break:

Tom Green's new movie "My Fifteen Minutes Are Up a la Weird Al Yankovic When He Made "UHF"" is coming out..

A Frosted Mini Wheats commercial comes on.. which is kinda creepy because I had just bought myself a box a few hours earlier in the day... and I have neither bought that cereal nor seen a commercial for that cereal in at least three years.

The show resumes as we see Bessie and Joey in some woman's office discussing the financial situation for the upcoming school year. Since their Bed & Breakfast did so well this year... she's not entitled to a free ride. The woman suggests that Joey look into a student loan because that's what everybody's doing these days. Quite possibly the most sensible idea anyone has ever presented on this show. Of course this is Dawson's Creek, so Joey responds, "No way. I don't want to graduate and be over $60,000 in debt.". Wow, she must really want to go to this school.

Gretchen and Bessie arrive back at their house in time for the start of the BBQ... where Dawson is standing in the driveway like a goon. He shows Joey the box he's holding, which contains a cake with only the word "CONGRATULATIONS" on it. He must have put in a lot of time and effort reaching into the freezer to get the generic cake for his lifelong best friend. Dawson tells her that everybody's out back. He can kind of sense that Joey's upset.. but of course Dawson being Dawson, assumes that she's still upset about him getting negged from NYU.

Joey goes into the kitchen where she informs Pacey about the money situation and subsequently how she's ready to just pretty much lay down and die. Pacey tells her there's got to be a way to work this out... that she just can't give up on her dream. Ummm... yeah. Student loans.

Outside Jen and Jack are bickering about Jen not wanting to go to college in New York. The following conversation takes place:

Jack: :You can not tell me that New York sucks. Espcially after telling me how great it is for 2 years."

Jen: "Well, if I'm telling you now that it sucks, shouldn't you listen to me? You know, you've really grown insensitive post your college acceptance."

Jack: "Insensitive to what?"

Jen: "To me and my.. my.. my sensitivities."

Jack: "Sensitivities? Are you guys catching this?"

Jen: "Ok, that's exactly what I'm talking about-- making fun of me in front of everybody. You never used to do that."

Jack: "Yeah, well, you never used to act like a lunatic either."

Jen: "This lunatic's getting a burger."

Jack: "You don't even eat burgers!?"

Jen: "I said I was gonna get it.. not eat it."

The fact that during this whole conversation... not another character said a single word... leads me to believe that maybe Jack and Jen are going to have their own spin-off about going to college in NYC. Which is good, considering there aren't enough shows about young people living in NYC nowadays.

Gretchen goes over to help Pacey with the grill and ask what his plans for the future are. Pacey lets Gretchen know that he feels guilty cause he almost feels kind of happy about Joey's not being able to go to Worthington.

Dawson... I came as fast as I could.

Mitch and Gail show up to congratulate Joey and bring along the fat ol' packet for Dawson that had just arrived in the mail from USC. This sucks because now you know he got in... just cause having Dawson get negged from yet another school; only this time in front of all of his friends would just be too good to be true.

After Dawson opens the letter and finds out he gets in, Joey bolts into the house balling her eyes out. Dawson follows her in and asks what's wrong. She explains about the money situation and Dawson tells her that she can't let money stop her from something that she's worked so hard for. Joey says, "You make it sound like there's some easy answer.". Ummm... student loans?

After a second of standing in silence, Dawson smiles and asks Joey if Worthington is what she wants. When she says yes, he offers her Brooks' money. She of course won't accept it... but Dawson asks her to at least think it over.

Awww... isn't that sweet of Dawson? Lending Joey money in the hopes that somewhere down the road it will lead to him getting laid.

Commercials of note during the break:

Joe Dirt.

Joey goes over to Dawson's house to tell him that she can't accept the money because she wouldn't want it to ruin their friendship. Ummm... what friendship? For the past year, all these two have ever talked to eachother about is whether or not they can ever be friends like they used to be.

Writer's Note: As I'm sitting at work writing this right now... my boss just handed me my performance evaluation for this past year. "This employee DOES NOT meet the expectations/responsibilities of the position" is the box that is checked in the lower right hand corner. Hey, as long as they keep the paychecks coming, my ego can handle any of the hard truths they want to tell me. No matter what. Business bad? Fuck you, pay me. Oh, you had a fire? Fuck you, pay me. The place got hit by lightning, huh? Fuck you, pay me.

Jen's with Tom the Therapist and she's trying to remember the last conversation that she had with her father... She remember they had a huge argument the night before they sent her to live with Gramms but can't remember the specifics.. "Was there someone else there who could tell you what happened?", Tom asks. Which means one thing... a guaranteed appearance later in this episode by:

Resident bad boy, Drew.

Dawson goes over to Pacey's to convince him to tell Joey to take the money... to which Pacey replies, "$15,000 is a lot of money to give to somebody with no strings attached."... He knows what's up.

Resident bad boy, Drew.

Jen meets Drew over at the country club to ask him questions about the night before she got booted out of NYC. He basically acts like a resident bad boy should... smug. Jen says, "I can't believe we actually used to be friends.", to which he replies, "You know we were friends because we were both a lot alike. We both had an intense desire to feel nothing." Haha.. Gotta love:

Resident bad boy, Drew.

As Jen realizes that Drew isn't going to give her the info she wants, she leaves... As she walks away, Drew makes a remorseful face. Could the resident bad boy have a heart of gold? Stay tuned...

Pacey tells Joey that she should really take Dawson's money because it's whats best for her. I think what would be best for her is for her to drink a lot of alcohol and get freakaaay. But that's just me.

Resident bad boy, Drew.

Drew arrives at Jen's house and explains to her what happened the night before she left NYC. Basically, she had gone out drinking all day with him and had strategically just started hooking up with him right before her parents walked in the door. Why.. Drew isn't a bad boy at all! He just puts up this facade of indifference.. because deep down he cares. He cares a lot!

Resident caring guy, Drew.

Jen apologizes for having used him... and he accepts it. Awww....

Joey arrives at Dawson's house to tell him the truth about her and Pacey doing the nastylicious on the ski trip... Dawson of course looks heartbroken because he wanted to sleep with Pacey. Umm.. wait. Actually, he's heartbroken because according to Dawson's Creek, we all know that Joey's vagina is the Holy Grail and Pacey got to drink out of it first.

Commercials of note during the break:

Gatorade... makes you sweat neon colors.

Jen is relaying to Tom the Therapist that she remembers about the night now... but still can't remember what her and her father had said to eachother... Tom tells her that she'll remember it when she's ready to. Tom then gives a speech to Jen about how the point of her therapy isn't about her not hating her parents anymore... but about her not hating herself anymore. It was actually a touching moment... so I'm not gonna be a dick and make some wiseass comment, just because deep down I don't like myself... and feel the need to put down anything and everything around me. Tom the Therapist would have a field day with me.

Pacey and Joey are on the porch... and she tells him that she had told Dawson the truth about them having sex. Pacey accepts her apology for having lied to Dawson in the first place. Pacey makes Joey promise him that if she ever feels like he's holding her back.. that she cut him loose. Silly Pacey... girls will gladly do that. No promises necessary. As a matter of fact... they'll wait until you're at your most vulnerable.... after you put up with their shit for a year.. but once you show a sign of weakness... it's "Later much!". Not like I speak from experience or anything.

Joey goes home to find Dawson waiting on her dock... He tells her that she underestimates him... and that despite whatever he may be feeling about her sleeping with Pacey.. he still wants her to have the money because it's what's best for her.

So the whole moral of this episode is that accepting a loan from a big faceless entity like the government is bad. Taking money from friends is good. Huh??

Next week on Dawson's Creek: Break out the party hats.. It looks like the Big D is gonna lose the Big V. You go boy.

Why do I even watch this show anymore?


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