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Dawson's Creek Episode Review.. 4/18

posted by Dave on 4/20/01

Hi... and welcome to my show.

Previously on Dawson's Creek...

Dawson got accepted to USC Film School. If he goes, will the show just be called "Creek" from now on?

Pacey is doubtful of his own future when faced with the reality of all of his friends going away to college... especially Joey. What? You mean high school relationships don't last when people end up going to different colleges?!

Jen is unsure of going to school in NYC because of past unresolved issues with her Dad. Something tells me that they'll be resolved in this very episode. The excitement is killing me.

Dave got a negative performance evaluation at work. I hope he doesn't get fired this episode.

The show starts off with Dawson and Gretchen playing the board game "Life" with each other. Be a winner in the game of Life!! Something tells me that Dawson is most likely losing. They start talking about how tomorrow is the infamous Senior Cut Day... and Gretchen starts expounding about how when it was her Senior Cut Day, her and her friends, Alice, Carol, Ted and Bobby all just hopped in a car and drove down to the West Virginia border. At this point I chuckle because of the hidden reference to the early 70's movie "Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice"... but that chuckle becomes a frown when I realize that nobody watching this show but me got the reference to an Elliott Gould movie of yesteryear. Damn, I'm old.

Dawson, being the King of Originality that he is, takes Gretchen by the hand and leads her downstairs, telling her that the two of them should do the exact same thing. They need to go out and hit the open road, he proclaims. When Gretchen claims that this feels like a Bruce Springsteen song... Dawson makes his:

Overly Dramatic Comment of the Show

"It's epic and romantic and crazy and perfect. Don't you feel it... at least a little bit? The urgency of this moment?"

Dawson on the open road. Yeah, this should be a hoot. Cue the opening credits as I bite my hand like Lenny and Squiggy on "Laverne and Shirley" for no apparent reason.

Commercials of note during the break...

The new Subway commerical featuring the voice of Gilbert Gottfried. Cross Subway off the list of places I'll eat.

The commercial for the new Almay Lash Plumper featuring former MTV personality, Duff. (How long is she going to live off of that "fame"?). The commercial starts out by simply saying, "Plumpity Plump!!" and I immediately think back to some drunken nights during my first two years of college.

Jen and Tom the Therapist are sitting in brief silence as Jen starts talking about how much she used to enjoy listening to the song, "Sweet Jane". Tom replies, "The whole world's coming to an end, Mal.".. as I realize nobody on Earth just got my clever Natural Born Killers soundtrack reference.

The scene fades from Jen talking to Tom, right into a scene of Jen and Joey walking through Grand Central Station in NYC. They're discussing where they're planning on meeting up after Jen's meeting with the Admissions officer at the fictional University of New York.

Cut to Capeside High, where Pacey is the only one sitting in a classroom... He looks to be studying... but that won't last for long, as

You know who I am

just strolled in. Drue tries to convince Pacey to come and ditch out with him after he takes his quiz... but Pacey's having none of it, explaining that he was another test tomorrow as well. Drue leaves.. but not before implanting the notion that Joey's having a lot more fun than him, being in NYC right now.

There's a fast paced montage shot of NYC which is obviously an homage to NYPD Blue... and we see Joey and Jen walking into a coffee shop. They run into an old friend of Jen's.. and I have to laugh as Jen introduces Joey to her black friend, "Typo". No.. the appearance of a black person on DC was not the typo... The guy's name is Typo. Immediately I think of how "LOL!!!1 Macchia" might look on a birth certificate.

Back to Capeside where other students start to enter the classroom where Pacey is sitting.. and it dawns on me that he's taking a class with people a grade below him. That reminds me of how when I was a senior in college, I had to take an Economics course in a class of mostly sophomores. It was cool because one of the kids in my class was one of my pledges.. so everytime the teacher took roll call, I made the kid shoot up his arm and scream, "Yo!" when his name was called. Of course, with my attendance record, that probably happened only about three or four times.

Dawson and Gretchen are pulled off on the side of the road with a flat tire. He doesn't have a spare because he gave it away.. obviously knowing it would make a good plot device somewhere down the road. Gretchen gets Dawson's disease of the mouth and goes off on an overly dramatic speech of her own:

"Well, I'm excited. I mean, this is exactly the kind of unforeseen complication that makes trips like this an adventure and not just an excursion."

Shoot them. Somebody. Please.

They decide to walk to the nearest town and if we're lucky, due to an unfortunate accident with an eighteen wheeler.. they'll never make it there.

Back to Capeside where Pacey is the last one in class finishing up his quiz... and he looks distraught.

Jen and Joey are walking around the Village and we learn that Jen isn't in NYC to visit an Admissions officer at all... she's really come to see her father. She tells Joey that she'll meet up with her later.. but Joey takes a quick look around NYC... and then decides it's in her best interest to stay with Jen for moral support.

Commercials of note during the break...

Commerical for the #1 Romantic Comedy in America.. "Bridget Jones". I can't help but chuckle and think, "Haha.. Paul saw that. Homo.". Then I realize I'm watching Dawson's Creek and remember something about glass houses and stones.

Dawson and Gretchen walk into town and immediately head to Irv's Garage.. which is owned by veteran character actor, Pat Hingle. If you're having trouble trying to picture who Pat Hingle is... just try and remember the guy that owned the truck stop in Maximum Overdrive and called Emilio Estevez's character, "Bubba", throughout the movie for no apparent reason. If you've never seen Maximum Overdrive.. well then not only do you not know what I'm talking about.. but you also missed out on a scene where a guy gets hit in the nuts and subsequently killed by an evil vending machine. Good stuff.

Dawson agrees to help Irv fix his truck, so that he can drive them back to their car with a new tire. Gretchen goes off to try and find something to eat. Hopefully, she never returns.

Joey and Jen enter Jen's father's office building and Joey gives her some advice about talking to a parent she hasn't seen in a while.

Pacey's in the cafeteria, looking upset and overhearing the juniors in his class talking about what a piece of cake the quiz they just took was. Pacey looks over at Drue and gives him the "Let's get the fuck outta Dodge" look. Pacey and Drue up to no good. This should be fun to watch.

Jen and Joey are in the bathroom discussing how Jen used to hate going to Capeside when she was younger... because she was terrified of Gramms. One time, she put up such a fit while at the train station that her mother told her she could go stay with her father for the weekend... Just as she's getting to the good stuff, a lady walks into the bathroom and they stop talking.

Gretchen's at the local restaurant where they seem to be out of everything... so Gretch takes what they got.. two "beef" sandwiches and no Coke.. Pepsi.

Jen and Joey enters her father's office where he seems excited to see her. A little too excited. Joey tells Jen's father of her acceptance to the University of New York... and he immediately tells his secretary to cancel all of his meetings and to make dinner reservations for them. Katie Holmes is looking really good in this episode. Just thought I'd mention that.

Commercials of note during the break...

Corn Pops commercial where Corn Pops meets Corn Rows. Word!!

Pacey and Drue enter the local dive bar... where Pacey gives one of the better Star Wars quotes of all time, "Mos Eisley. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.". They make their way towards the bar, where the bartender greets Drue by calling him Gilbert. Drue hands Pacey a fake ID of a short balding Asian man in his 40's... They order three rounds of tequila and toast to their future... or lack thereof.

Dawson and Gretchen are in Irv's truck being driven back to their car... When Gretchen asks how much it's going to cost... Irv replies, "$60 for the tire and $20 for the ride". Dawson looks dumbfounded that this is actually going to cost money because Dawson helped the guy fix his truck earlier. Once again, proving that Dawson is not only naive.. but also a fuckin idiot. Irv drops them off on the side of the road, shit outta luck.

Gratuitous Drea de Matteo autographed pic

Jen and Joey are out to dinner with Jen's Dad.. and Joey informs Mr. Lindley that Jen got accepted to five of the six colleges that she applied to. His reaction to this is priceless:

"Honey, that's fantastic!" That's really excellent. See, when I applied to school, I was only accepted at one, you know.... Princeton. But it made the decision-making process a lot easier.".

I like this guy.. He's a real old fashioned NYC asshole.

When Joey tells Mr. Lindley that she's going to school in Boston.. he winces and claims that she should go to school in NYC because just living in the city is a daily learning experience. The city to this day never ceases to surprise him. When Joey asks, "How does it surprise you every day?"... Mr. Lindley goes off on a speech that almost makes me feel regretful that I'm most likely moving out in a few months... He says:

"A city like New York where everything's moving all the time at this constant driving pace, right? It's like a living organism breathing and changing.. and over time your relationship to it becomes like this incredible romance, you know? At first, it's intoxicating, irresistable, and then slowly it becomes comfortable and safe. You have this cellular connection to it, as if you've known each other forever, like your oldest happiness, and sometimes you're on the outs, and sometimes you're making up, and every now and then you catch yourself in this transcendent moment where you think to yourself, "Oh my God, I'm madly in love with you and I always will be." And I think that's when it surprises me.".

Joey speaks my exact reaction of, "Whoa, that's a good answer.".

Dawson and Gretchen are sitting on the side of the road trying to figure out what to do... Dawson suggests that they go back to town and have money wired... but Gretchen uses the ounce of common sense this couple has between them and says the town they were just in most likely doesn't have a Western Union.

Pacey and Drue are still at the bar playing poker with some other people. The bartender makes his way over and starts quizzing Pacey on his Rhode island ID... asking him what roads he took to get to Capeside. This reminds me of the time I was using my fake West Virginia ID to get in a bar down the Jersey shore where an off duty cop was bouncing. When he questioned the validity of it, I told him to go get the ID book.. When he came back and looked at mine compared to the pic in the book, he exclaimed, "Damn.. It really doesn't have a hologram or anything. Sorry about that.". My shoulder-shrugged Jersey accented response of, "Eh. Whaddya gonna do, right?" probably wasn't the wisest thing to say.. but by the time it dawned on him what I had just said... I was already in.

Pacey tries to bullshit the bartender about what names of the highways he took to get there.. but the guys not buying it, saying, "I don't know any of those names.". Pacey sarcastically replies, "Well, that's too bad.".. and figuring he has nothing to lose any way, stands up defiantly and asks the bartender, "You calling me a liar?", which causes Drue and subsequently Pacey to start laughing right in the bartender's face.

Jen's father has to attend some meetings, so he takes off from dinner early and hands Jen a wad of cash to take Joey out on the town. Jen and her father haven't said more than two words to each other throughout the episode so far..

Commercials of note during the break...

Clean and Clear Grease Absorbing Strips... because you know the perfect place to give your friend one to try out is in a photo booth. Huh? Exactly.

Jen and Joey are on the roof of a building, where Jen is pointing out all of the various sections of Manhattan. Joey thanks her for taking her to NYC, exclaiming, "This blows my mind. You blow my mind.". Nope I didn't rewind that, close my eyes, and pretend Katie Holmes was talking about me. Nope, that didn't happen.

After a nice panning shot of the two girls on top of the building with the West Side Highway in the background... Joey asks Jen what happened the day that she left the train platform to go stay with her father all those years ago. Jen replies that she ended up sleeping in various places that weekend... and when Joey asks why she never went to stay with her father.. she replies that she did. Upon that, Jen tells Joey that she has to leave. Joey's worried that she'll never see Jen again.. and asks her to please meet her at the train station by 11:00 because Capeside needs her.

Gretchen and Dawson are on the beach in front of a fire he managed to make. After they start kissing, Gretchen asks him "What's going on with you?" to which Dawson replies:

"Ok, uh... today is-- is a perfect example of how our visions for our lives conflict with our realities. I still have my distortions and my delusions. I still think that everything should be perfect, and that Joey and I should have slept together for the first time. What I realized is I gotta let go. You know, I -- it's time. And there's so much ahead of me. I mean, there's college, there's this new baby... and there's you."

Hey Christopher, can you fuckin believe this kid just said that?!?

When Gretchen replies, "So what are you saying?".. Dawson follows up with, "I'm in love with you and no longer remember what we're waiting for."

So basically, Dawson continues to put on his four year long clinic of "How Not To Get Laid"... Seriously, why the fuck would he ever tell Gretchen he still thinks that he and Joey should have slept together first?! What purpose deos that serve?? And then to drop an L-bomb on her after that horrible "You're my second choice" speech. Is he fuckin insane?

They start making out some more... as we cut to Jen walking into her father's apartment.

Jen confronts her Dad about that her mother had told her that she could stay with him, when she didn't want to go visit Gramms. It ended up she did go to stay with him... but walked in on him with an eighteen year old neighbor. She knows that he saw her.. and that's the reason that he sent her to live in Capeside back in the day... Jen realizes that all of the pain she has gone through the past few years was beyond her control... and she walks out of her father's apartment having forgiven herself for all of the things she did as a result of her anger with her father.

Pacey's in the back of a police car as Drue is puking his guts out outside of it. Pacey's brother, Officer Doug, shows up on the scene and starts to insult Pacey about being a moron... to which Pacey finally unleashes all of the frustration he's been holding in, screaming, "This is it for me! This is my whole life right here! This is all I get!".

I think Pacey should just let his frustrations out with his foot on Dawson's groin area next time he sees him. That would be a win-win in my book.

Dawson and Gretchen are making out on the beach still when things start geting "hot and heavy"... Gretchen stops Dawson claiming that the moment isn't right...and they should be doing this when Dawson is ready to and because they love each other.. not just because he has something to prove to himself.

The Cowboy Junkies "Sweet Jane" plays in the background as we see Joey waiting at the train station for me.. err... I mean, Jen.

Dawson is asleep on the beach as we see Gretchen awake and crying. Not sure whether she's crying because she's heartbroken or because she's stranded in the middle of nowhere with Capt. Big Head... I hope it's the latter.

Pacey arrives home to see the books that he should have been home studying with for his test tomorrow.

Jen ends up meeting Joey at the tain station and they head back to Capeside. Back in Capeside, Jen tells Tom the Therapist that his five episode contract is up.. and she no longer is going to be coming to therapy. Tom looks sad... well, because he's now out of a job.

Next week on Dawson's Creek

Looks like Joey's gonna have the obligatory pregnancy scare. Hmm.. will she got the network television route and be pregnant and have the miscarriage before the tough decision of having an abortion needs to be made... or will she not be pregnant at all? Stay tuned..

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