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Entertaining the masses since we were popping out of the womb Here it is...The information page. What site would be complete without self-important profiles? Want to know what makes us tick? Itching to know our show size and personal beliefs? Is Dave Macchia really gay? You are a very disturbed person!

Site FAQ... FAQ U OMG!!!111 Frequently Asked Questions
Nobody ever reads these.  Yes, we actually like Rocky IV.  No, not all of us are fat homeless guys.  Yes, we actually like fat homeless guys.
Written by Paul
I got here as fast as I could. Dave
Chances are you can find me at a bar, drinking myself into becoming a different person… either that or I'm at the hospital babysitting Celine Dion's frozen embryo.
Not living in America Paul
Actually, I'm not that into celebs, but it's a point of reference. If I told you I liked "that gorgeous girl from the shop", you'd scratch your heads and say "huh?", proving my old adage that head lice and stupidity don't mix.
New Jersey's finest Jen
W-D proves that it's neither chauvinistic nor, erm, sexist. Not all girls on the internet are stupid and illiterate!1 OMG, Scott Baio!
Hot stuff coming through! Filippo
Filippo provides our dose of intelligence and never fails to drop some insight into his well-written articles.
Baby Blue eyes! Matt
Matthew is our regular maniac, cool guy and chick magnet. Every site has to have one!
WonkaVille! Chad
They don't call him "Bigmeats" just because he's hung like a horse. No, they call him Bigmeats because he's super-awesome!1
Practices the three "I"s Eric
W-D's very own clean-cut, menacing, boy-next-door internet super-genius.
Convict No Technical Staff
Hi-yah!! Ninja
Anything technical that has to do with the operation of the site. You won't see any articles from me anytime soon. Ninja's home
Kenn Doll!! Kenn
Ken is such a doll, he makes us all our images and captures tall. Poetry rules.
  Alumni - they've moved on, but they left their mark
He's a little wild...and a little strange. B
B helped us get the site off the ground, and until he left for personal reasons, was the fan favorite. Check out his bio.
El Scriberaci! Mel
Mel was our blue-blood writer and was so good, he left the net to pursue a writing career. He'll be missed. Check out his bio.
Diamond in the rough Emerson
Dave Emerson wasn't here long, but he made a good impression.

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what're we gonna do, sue?.

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