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Who the FUCK are you? Chad, but I'm also known as "fouff," "that asshole," and "the guy with ENORMOUS body parts." No wait, that was the old guy. I'm the MAN that does one-handed pushups… shit, that ain't me either.

I hate you. How do I tell you that? is my Dudite email, foufforama is my AIM name, and I'm more than willing to pass the breeze with you. Except on weekdays. And weekends. And evenings. And when wrestling is on.

ASL: Born on December 19, 1978: for those of you that lack the mathematical ability, that makes me 23 as I write this. As for the sex, I don't have a clever joke, so settle with male and taken (sorry ladies and lovers). As far as I know, I'm the only Canadian on the site, as I reside in Vancouver, British Columbia. I don't live in an igloo, BC's weed wins the Cannabis Cup every year, and I can dance much better than most Muppets.

R U HOT??: Very. Take a look.

Homepage: BigMeats - This is where I put all of my writing. Dave and the microdot crew here at W-D asked me to join because I can make a purdy button.

What's with the "fouff" name? "Fouff" is actually an old family name that falls in my blood line... or at least, it most likely does. The men in my family have always been, how do I say this nicely.... HOOCHIES! (Yes, that's an inside joke that you shouldn't get).

Here's the real deal with "fouff." My buddies Ramsey, Favio and I (our parents all were very creative with their naming, I know)... anyway, we all made a drunken pact to grow our hair long. First one out had to buy the other two all the drinksthey could consume - and given the power of our livers at that time, it was no small bet.

Well, Favio dropped out first and neglected on his bet - we allowed it to slide as he was unemployed at the time. Actually, he just called us up, told us he wasn't buying any of us shit, then promptly hung up - a hard line to argue against.

So one fine day, Ramsey and I were meeting some others guys at a bar, and one of them calls us "the foof brothers" in regards to our mops of hair. Ramsey is very greedy and took the phonic spelling, so I went with the art fag version with the mumbled letters. "Fouff" is pronounced like "goof," and the irony doesn't escape me.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I've kept the name simply because I'm not creative enough to come up with a good one on my own... besides, it has 3 "f's" in it - how cool is that?

Gibberish to fill this page out: I have no propaganda to spew, no message to share, and no product to sell. There's always talk amongst other web writers that doing this web-thing "is just for fun," or "is just a hobby," but writing is more than simple shit I do to pass time. I love it. I crave it. Quite honestly, it's hard for me to go without it. I spend more time reading and writing than I do working or studying – and I have unemployment and crap grades to show for it.

I like passing wit and crapping on pop-culture, but truth be told, this isn't the end goal for me. I can write characters, I can write story lines, and, more importantly, I will. This is the modern version of the short-story: I learn and perfect my craft via this medium, then go on to bigger and better things.

I've achieved my web-related goal, which was to be noticed by web-writers that I respect: mainly, X-Entertainment (Matt) and the whole Whatever-Dude crew. Matt has linked up BigMeats, and W-D has me write for them – so my short-term goals are done. Now, the only thing I'm looking to do is improve. I can look in my BigMeats archives and see my style and ability progress. I'm hoping that I'll continue to grow and expand as a writer as time passes. If anything else, writing on the internet has always entertained me. Having others enjoy it is a nice bonus, but not a prerequisite.

I can say that I will be doing this for the next little while – I'm in my final year of university and intend to take a year off before finding a "real" job. During that time, I intend to use my word processor more than my programming languages. You're going to be stuck with me for a while, so you might as well get used to it.

Can you finish this with some words of advice? Peace in the streets, word to my g, and stop cappin' each other, yo. Live and let live, seek foolish destiny, and all of that other melodramatic crap that will make you think highly of me. Enjoy yourself, and enjoy the company of others. It's what living is all about. Keep digging each other and life will keep digging you.


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