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Kenn Tripp

What position do you hold here at W-D?

I do screenshots, drink beer, and am working on a few more multimedia endeavors (hopefully, they will be implemented soon, but, I am lazy. Hell, I am so lazy, I just copied and pasted Dave's questions for my own bio page).

Can we call ya K-Tri?

Um, no. It just doesn't have the same ring as D-Mac or J-Tram, but I do have a buddy J-Sto.

What are some of your fears in life?

Well, I have an intense fear of running out of beer, running out of money at a bar...or guests bringing Budweiser.

Now we've read that you are half-English and half-German. Does that mean that Beer is your favorite food?

Haven't you been reading?

Who are your heroes in life?

I haven't met any yet…Although I did run into Tito Santana in the Rockaway Mall when I was about 8!

There are a few people who I do admire, but do not bestow hero worship onto them: Mick Foley, Zakk Wylde, Frank Zappa, the pissed off Dave Mustaine and James Hetfield, not the newer happier, soberer ones, P.J. Sheptock (a buddy of mine with no arms, and one leg 6 inches shorter than the other, who has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard, and leads a fuller life than most people I know), people who make the beer I drink, any one with creative talent (cooking, painting, writing, etc.), the ideals of Shaolin Priests and Buddhists. There are a few more, but I'll list them later.

Name some of your favorite movies..

BasEketBall, Conan: the Barbarian, most kung-fu type movies, Beast Master, some Anime, Dune (the original and the Sci-Fi Channel version), the Star Wars collection, the Indiana Jones trilogy, the list goes on. While my range is wide, I am not as studied as Dave, Paul or Jen, I do have a diverse collection, ranging from Yor: Hunter from the Future to Requiem for a Dream.

Hell, as long as it makes me laugh, has insane heroin scenes, or has unrealistic violence; I would probably like it.

So what are your ambitions in life?

To actually make a decent living doing something I enjoy. My problem with that, however, is that all I ever wanted to do was be a pro-wrestler, work in a brewery, do something with computers, act, play guitar in a band, drink. However, due to the fact my back is slightly better than Tom Billington's a.k.a. The Dynamite Kid, there are now breweries around, I am pretty computer illiterate, and I can't seem to find a band that I can play with (since I am also guitar illiterate, I have very few ambitions left. Oh, and to get something I wrote get posted on the Internet at a very popular website. ;)

Where might we find you on a typical weekend night?

In my basement drinking…and trying to figure out other ways to add to this site.


I do have a girlfriend, and she's pretty damn cool to put up with all my issues.

It says here that you're twenty-six years old. You look much younger though.. What do you attribute that to?

Where the hell does it say that? Besides, I am 27, and I never shave my goat-tee because I look 12 with out it.

Do you resemble any celebrities?

Um…is Mick Foley a celebrity?

So, what's the "Meaning of Life?"

Gosh, where to start…..The Simpson's and The Family Guy, beer, and boobs.

More articles. Yes!

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